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Programmers Post exposes the power behind your computer - the actual "embedded code" within the software or program. No matter what the task, if it is running on a computer (machine), it is following the directions given to it by the program. These directions, or language, is written (or coded) so the machine knows how to handle the request. Different languages are handled or processed differently. And these processes are further broke down into program extensions. The language extension is the last three letters of the process name, separated by a period (example = Igfxtry.exe or sunshine.jpeg). The extension tells the machine what program to use to handle your request.

Let's look at it in a different light for a moment. You have photo's stored on your machine, right? Well, to your machine, it is simply a process or coded instruction as to what it is, and what it should do with it. Since a photo is a .jpeg or .gif, your machine knows that it is a image. And, when you go to install a program, you normally click on the .exe file, which tells your machine that it is a program. All of these tasks are being processed by your software, which in turn is being processed by your hardware!

Below you will find a list of programming languages used in the world. If you have studied some of our computer information pages, you will already understand some of this.



Hall of Fame

ADA ~ no, this is not your grandmother's scripting solution.

.ASP ~ nice and swift.

Actionscript ~ fast and light.

VB 6.0 or earlier ~ You could use it, but why?

Visual C++ ~ yes, it still works quite well.

.Net ~ right up there with XML.

C/C++ ~ strong earner.

Cobol ~ strong as steel.

SQL ~ databases love it.

Eclipse ~ I can see the light now.

HTML ~ break out Notepad and off we go.

JAVA ~ check out our Java Juice page to your left.

Modeling/UML ~ oh ya, baby.

VB.Net ~ well, it does work.

Visual Studio ~ lightweight and easy to operate.

IBM ~ America's pioneer company kicking right along.

Oracle ~ databases down easy.

XML ~ today's mover & shaker.

C# ~ lots of stuff written in this.

J2EE ~ Java Java Java.

J2SE ~ Java Java Java.

J2ME ~ Java Java Java.

PHP ~ the perferred choice for designing forums & blogs.

JSP ~ Java Java Java.

Perl ~ very fun and easy multi-use scripting solution.

Fortran ~ the old iron-horse of coding.