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An applet is a program written in the Java programming language that can be included in an HTML page, much in the same way an image is included in a page. When you use a Java technology-enabled browser to view a page that contains an applet, the applet's code is transferred to your system and executed by the browser's Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For information and examples on how to include an applet in an HTML page, refer to this description of the <APPLET> tag.
Applet documentation from the Java Tutorial

These applets are part of the official Java tutorial.

JDK Demo Applets

Every version of the Java Software Development Kit (aka JDK) includes a set of demo Applets which includes source code.

»Java Software Development Kit

»JDK Demo Applets



Here are some cool Java packages that you might find amusing.

These can be downloaded and audited for your use and then added to your website. If you do not have a website but want to learn some Java, you can use them for practice by auditing them with your own text/graphics and then viewing them in your web browser. Hours of fun and you will be learning Java!

Caution: By clicking on the 3 hyperlinks below, you will be opening/downloading a .zip file. While these files are safe and certified clean by us (and McAfee), we just want you to be aware of this type of files on suspect or unknown web sites. Files you download can have malware in them. Always trust the site you are visiting before clicking on anything. At the top of your browser, in the menu, click on "View" and then put a 'check' by the "Status Bar" feature. Now, you can look in the lower left corner of your browser to see where a hyperlink or active file takes you. 

  •  Matrix Code - opens a .zip file for you to download.
  •  AC Free - opens a .zip file for you to download.
  •  Graph - opens a .zip file for you to download.



When it comes to Java, anything is possible. You can create or copy or purchase a Java Solution online anytime you one. The Java technology is broken down into different categories. Programming Applications, Applets and Servlets. Between them, there is a perfect way to create that special program or website. Java is used by more than five million developers today, with a large collection of user groups and free resource sites to fuel your fire!

Below, you will find links to other cool Java Sites with all the Java juice you could possibly need.



Here are some cool little applets and games for you to explore. Fractals and so much more can be found here. All of the links are by bu.edu for students to learn.


  • The chaos game. Yes, this is a game. Try to beat the computer by hitting specific targets via the moves of an iterated function system. This game allows students to understand the construction of the Sierpinski triangle via the chaos game.
  •  Fractalina. This applet allows you to set up the vertices, compression ratios, and rotations associated to an iterated function system and then compute and view the resulting fractal. On some browsers, apparently the numbers that you enter in this program show up as white-on-white, so the numbers do not appear on the screen. If this is the case, you can just highlight the appropriate window to see the numbers. Someday I'll figure out how to fix this....
  •  Fractanimate. This applet allows you to string together a collection of fractal images generated by Fractalina into a movie. We encourage you to become quite familiar with Fractalina before trying to use this applet.
  •  Linear Web. This applet allows you to see the results of iteration of linear functions of the form Ax + B in three different ways: as a list of the orbit, as a web diagram (graphical iteration), and as a time series graph.
  •  Nonlinear Web. This applet allows you to see the results of iteration of nonlinear functions such as the quadratic function x2 + c, the logistic function kx(1 - x), and many others. You can iterate step-by-step or view the entire web diagram.
  •  Target Practice. This applet allows you to practice graphical iteration in the setting of a game. We give you a target (a particular "itinerary"); your job is to find an orbit graphically that has this itinerary.
  •  Cycle Practice. This applet is a more advanced version of Target Practice. Your job in this game is to find a cycle (not just an orbit) with a given itinerary. Be sure to master Target Practice first before attempting this game.
  •  Orbit Diagram. This applet allows you to draw the orbit diagram (or bifurcation diagram) for a variety of families of functions. You may also magnify various portions of these complicated sets.



Here are some of the goodies from a really cool site called JavaScriptKit.com. So much to do, with tons of different Java scripts to chose from.


  •  Flying Stars. A applet that gives any image a "flying stars" background. Very cool!

  •  Wavy Lake. An applet that causes a lake image to come "alive". You can add your own image on top of the lake to act as a hyperlinked image.

  •  QGoo image applet. QGoo is a whimsical little image manipulation applet that allows you to "muck up" an image. The image is fully customizable. Sheer fun is this applet!

  •  Java analog Clock with Date. A Java analog clock with an incredible interface. Also displays the current date inside the clock.

  •  Puppy analog clock. A live puppy analog clock!

  •  Fading Banner. A applet that fades the text entered. Not clickable.

  •  Text fading in and out. Sentences of text fading in and out. Easily customizable to change the text to your own.

  •  Fire Works. Live fire works with sound!

  •  Screaming button. A button that screams when you click on it!

  •  ProScroll. A highly configurable, fast loading, and multi-featured text scroller. Allows the content of the scroller to be an external txt file.  Not clickable.

  •  Wavy Text. A java applet that makes any text wavy.

  •  Sliding Text. Text sliding from the right to the left. Easily customizable to change the text to your own.

  •  LED 3D twisting clock. A very cool twisting live 3D clock. Free for non-commercial use.

  •  Alternating-Text Banner. A applet that alternates among different messages. Links can be embedded inside the applet.

  •  Live News Ticker Tape. A Free Java ticker tape that feeds your surfers live news!

  •  Ticker Tape II. A very cool and efficient Java ticker tape that scrolls text left to right. Clickable, so links can be added inside the tape.

  •  Ticker Tape. A ticker tape that scrolls text, and changes the color of the text as it scrolls. Not clickable.