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Welcome to our little store! The Mica Market will save you time and money! As a product tester and consumer advocate, we have partnered with a select few companies that we have studied and approved as being the best in their class. No Product will be added without passing our strict approval process.

After this critical step, we set-up agreements to provide you, our guests, with low pricing events that we pass directly to you! If you see a banner on our site, it is one our ours, not a third party random rotator ad. They are products that you can trust, with service that is above the rest. Stop in when ever you need a product and click our link - that's the only way you will the latest offers.

This is our only stream of money for providing this website to you free of charge, and the only support we will ever ask of you - ever! Our first & foremost purpose is to provide you with free & credible computer information - not selling you something.

If you are in the market for one of these outstanding products, we do have the best companies, with the best service records offered anywhere. The choice is yours!

Maybe, you just want the free stuff? Well, just click the free downloads tab! We have collected the absolute best products in its class.