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The Product Testing center, here at Machine Information Consulting alliance, is an independent testing ground for computer related products operated by the M-7 Lab.

Our mission to provide credible & concise information to you. After a careful 33-step examination, we rate & review each product to reveal key data. This data is what allows us to compare products in a way others can't. Our exclusive review will find the very best products in its class.

Other factors that makes us unique is how we compare the products. By researching a larger batch of products (than most reviewers) for each category, we are able to root out the Top 1-2%. This smaller batch of superior products is further dissected to reveal a top five listing. Out of the top five winners, only one will win our Might Mica Award! We bypass the usual bad-mouthing of the losers, allowing us to FOCUS ON THE WINNERS.   

The Product Testing center is designed to give you an unbiased look at the hardware and software that you may be interested in using. We have tested hundreds of products and used thousands of computer related products as computer professionals. We will continue to add more reviews as we discover new and exciting products that can benefit you.

Please visit the Mighty Mica Awards page to explore our winners! Only products that meet our high standards of excellence will be listed in the top five, with one being awarded the Might Mica Award!