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Hiddenware is the newest definition we came up with to cover the "legal" malware being installed on our machines today. There are some companies fighting to install their wares and then suing the scanning companies to remove their names from being detected by the scan tools. We depend on these tools for finding and removing unwanted programs. I hope you will join with us in our fight to expose them and demand for them to make their programs known in the 'add/remove' section of the windows XP control panel.

I do not want to do business with these people and think their programs are malware of the worst kind! If they were legit, why would they hide it on your machine? Learn more about these hideous programs being installed without your permission, and without a way of you uninstalling them. Some may give the option of removing, but they never really go away. When you restart your machine, they will be back. Your machine belongs to you, not them, so why should they store items on your property?


If you have Hiddenware not listed below, send it to us by using our Submit Form.

You can report companies who do not act in a ethical manner at the FTC web site.



1) WhenUAdware, but fought to de-classify products as safe. Let them know how you feel about this product being forced onto your machine.

2) ClariaAdware, but fought to de-classify products as safe.

3) HotBarAdware, but fought to de-classify products as safe. Let them know how you feel about this product being forced onto your machine.

4) DSSAGENTMalware, Broderbund Brodcast agent and used by some Mattel software. Shows up in the Task Manager as dssagent.exe.

5) MyWayAdware, that anonymously reports your surfing activity and personal profile, when you land on a MyWay affiliated site.

6) Kazanon Software/Odysseus MarketingMalware, that claims to be a peer-to-peer program. You will get hit with many bad products, including ClientMan which hides itself and hijacks your browser and serves up more malware, adware and spyware. And lets not forget that Kazanon does not work at all!

7) Sony Music/First4Internet's XCPRootkit, that will compromise your system's security. They have added malware to "track what you do with the cd's you bought from them! They feel they still have rights to them as well. You should consider what cd's you buy from this point forward. For more information, please go to our XCP Malware Review page.

8) Spytech ShadowThis program must be installed by someone with access to your machine. It allows the installer to hide all traces, then it tracks and logs EVERYTHING you do and sends it to them, including screenshots!


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Please help us expose hiddenware programs that are not listed above. Send them to us and we will include them here. This will inform other people about the unethical computer programs, along with the companies that promote them. You do not have to accept this kind of abuse. Together we can clean up the internet and change the way it is affecting our lives. Tomorrow's web must be preserved.

Take back control of YOUR machine. You own it, and you have the right to know what is installed on it. If you continue to let hiddenware & malware run on your machine, it will shut down, causing you to buy a new one! Machines that become infected are most often thrown out, instead of being repaired, because of the extensive damage.

Would you let someone add hundreds of pounds to the trunk of your car without your permission? This would cause your car to become sluggish, cost you more for gas and breakdown more often from the extra weight. This is exactly what is happening to your computer!

The normal load on your computer, loaded with your files and programs.


Your computer with the same normal load - PLUS hiddenware and malware installed.

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This is the reason your machine is unresponsive or running slowly. If you remove the rogue programs, your machine will seem like a new computer again! Computers do not get slower from age; this is caused by hiddenware, malware and the lack of proper maintenance. For a complete list of maintenance required to keep your machine trouble-free, just use our exclusive M.I.C.A. Maintenance.