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Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. The M.I.C.A. Community started out of frustration with the security issues involving today's surfing experience. We collected a massive amount of information on privacy and security issues in today’s web traffic and found some things we were not looking for!

With an advanced knowledge of computers we began to study the common traits found with this traffic and saw basic things being overlooked by the consumer that the bad guys seem to know as well. And if no one looks to see why their system is acting up, malicious software programmers can use your machine's resources to do as they please.

After extensive research learning about all of these new threats, we went to work reading books and playing around with a lot of different software programs that promised to bolster the security on our machines. What we found was surprising. No single product protected our computer from security breaches. To be safe from security-related problems you will need a combination of products. And the MOST surprising thing we found was the fact that the most successful programs were often free or very low-cost!

Even with a deep pocket you will not solve your problem! The answers were found with freeware and the performance of regular maintenance.

M.I.C.A. is here for you, working on our own, independently from all. We are here to better our computer education while we help our fellow surfer. We have NO HIDDEN AGENDA, we just love researching the latest computer threats, writing about security related issues, and developing our own products ~ which we hope to release in 2010.

We will work closely with you to keep you up to date on the growing problems while we study everything Microsoft along the way. We will find answers to your new problems and teach you about the old ones, while making it easy and fun. And yes, it will cost you nothing!

We believe in a fun, safe, reliable internet. One that brings enjoyment to all who use it. A web that is not corrupt and full of sickness. If we all do our part then it can improve!

We think ‘INFORMATION’ is the key, so we set off on a course to inform everyone we knew about how to keep their computers in "Lockdown" mode. We soon found that there were a lot of people around computers that did not know about the basic security and privacy invasions going on every minute of the day. Surfing the web left us with a lot of good, reliable information - once we sorted through tons of technical articles that the average user would not care to read. We soon realized that a web site would be a good way to educate lots of people, while we build more experience by tackling the issues affecting the everyday computer user. We don't want to lose anyone in complicated tech talk. We want our site to help you, the regular user.

We will work towards creating new and exciting software that one day will stop ALL bad activity and allow you to simply surf. We will keep you informed of issues that for-profit companies would like you to be unaware of. We will tell you the truth and point you down the right path when you shop for new software. We are not a paid-per-click referral site; we are not paid to endorse any products. And finally, we will teach you about the powerful machine you have and show you the many sides of your computer. So why not stay with us and learn? We're Free, Educational, and Safe!

One day, in the not too distant future, we will have the code complete on our groundbreaking software ‘SecuritySuite 20/20©,’ and security/maintenance issues will be handled properly.

Until then you will have this site to give you the goods and advice on what’s happening. We are just a small group of concerned surfers that love thinking about all the stuff that nobody pays attention to, the things that we think matter in finding a cure & expanding our intelligence in the mad computing world. We will not give up and hope you do not either!

The information posted on this site was approved and/or written by James E. Clemens II, a ‘Microsoft Registered Partner & Beta Tester’ and the owner/publisher of this site.

If you take exception to any of the information presented on this site, or feel that we have overlooked something useful, drop us your thoughts and we will try to show cause.

We are here to help! 


On another side of company information, we are founding members of CAAM, MicaMail, MicaMachines, DesignLine and the entire M.I.C.A. family of websites. We care about your machine and will continue to fight the good fight until things get better - MUCH BETTER.   




   All Information is for personal or educational use. Its value is retained by MICA Specialties. The contents and the layout are under protection of “©Copyright” / “®Registered” / “™Trademark” laws of the United States.

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