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The Windows XP Help Center will guide you through the complex world of today's technologies by covering the basics, the required reading to understanding your computer, and connecting you to the next step so you can learn more. All resources are provided free for you to explore and use.

If you spend a fair amount of time on your computer, there are many thing you need to know and do on a regular basis. Just as you do with all of your machinery & equipment, your computer requires this same routine. 

This section will cover standard computer security & set-up help and general know-how while exploring a few other worthy related subjects. Once you have explored our Windows XP Help Center, you may enjoy clicking the home button at the top of each page to start a new study. We have covered most topics relating to XP computers, the things connected to them and the security software products needed to protect your system.

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Are you comfortable while using your computer?

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