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Consumers Active Against Malware (CAAM) was started for the purpose of educating consumers about the corporations and companies that use malware tactics, such as Adware, to promote their products. We believe the next step in stopping this terrible burden placed on the internet is to stop the businesses from viewing it as an acceptable form of advertising.

As a consumer, you have the power to tell them that you do not endorse this type of selling tactics under any circumstances. And as a consumer advocacy organization, CAAM has the connections to shut down the bogus websites while we spread the word on who the bad guys are.

We see great strides being made with the tools to clean up machines after they become infected, as well as help from Government Agencies fighting to shut down the worse offenders. The one area we feel is missing is with the businesses that still hire the malware companies to push their products.

When businesses are asked why they employ these tactics, they respond that: "it is profitable and a system that works to get new customers!" They will stop putting their money behind this problem once you let them know that you have stopped spending your money with them.

We need your help with this problem. Please join with CAAM to stop this nonsense! It costs ZERO DOLLARS, it takes TWO MINUTES to send the CAAM Action Letter, and it takes THIRTY SECONDS to report a malware spreading website!

Please help out with this problem today. We will finally be fighting the problem from both ends!