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From time-to-time, we receive questions from people trying to build their own machines, so after much internal debate, we thought we would start a Builder's Center to provide assistants to this ever growing field of techies. We will grow this section as we receive more feedback from you, our visitors and friends.

The first thing you need to start with is quality products from trustworthy vendors. In today's internet marketplace this could be quite the chore for many. Luckily, we have been busy in our labs testing products for our Mighty Mica Awards. The MMA's will list the top 5 companies for every class of products needed to create your new machine. Along with our products testing, we have been even more consumed with the development of our own desktop machines called Mica Machine. Through the design of these powerful desktops, we have found the correct combination of components to build machines from.

Because of this, we have already done the research for you! And in keeping with our mission, all of this data is offered to you for free! That's right, as we gain knowledge and understanding...so do you. We have no hidden agenda or other goals other than to share the word of technology with you while protecting you from the bad guys online.

We have been at at the forefront of the internet Malware Wars for several years and we will continue to attack the bad guys while educating you on the best products and companies to buy from.

We hope you will find this section useful. If you run into any problems, drop us a line and we will be glad to offer assistance.


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