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Machine Information Consulting Alliance

Hello and welcome to M.I.C.A., the website for the novice computer user who is working to overcome the complex world of computers. We care about your computer (machine) and only offer advice and links to the most credible support offered anywhere. 

If it has to do with Microsoft™ Windows XP and 7 (and all versions of Windows)  computing, we can help you find the answers you need. 

From Software, Hardware, Security, Productivity, Internet to general technology products & services designed for the Windows system. Windows XP is our old standard & favorite, but we love Windows 7 and think you will enjoy them greatly, too. And the latest Windows 8 has our attention and is sure to become more respected soon. All of these operating systems are outstanding in their own respects... and become a lot of fun to use, especially when you learn how to properly optimize the settings for performance & security. In no time at all, you will understand how connected they both really are.   

The biggest threat to your system in 2017-2018, as with the past several years, is Malware - such as Trojans, Rootkits, Adware, Browser Hijacks, Web Bugs & Bots, Spyware and other Hiddenware installed on your machine. The Malware attacks will continue to expand substantially (as they have over the past 8 years) with advanced, hybrid attacks that harvest your personal data and destroy your machine. This will cost you valuable time and money or worse. While we can overcome this very serious problem, it will take a pro-active approach from us all, and M.I.C.A. is here, ready to help, as a free resource guide to entry-level computer security for the home or small business. 

All of our information has been researched, proven and used by us in the field for many years as a way to secure our client's machine from attacks. We provide this site, and all of its data, free of charge - so stick around and enjoy the show!